Soap (cakes)

Why soap…….?

African Bliss 100% Natural Soap has been in business for just over 3 years now and we are happy to report it is going from strength to strength! We now supply health shops around the country, homeware/decor shops, on-line health stores, farm stalls, gift shops, etc. We are passionate about our soap business and take enormous pride in the soap we produce. We feel it’s so important that people realise what they are putting on their skin when they buy a bar of commercial soap.

According to the dictionary, “soap” is a cleansing agent made from an alkali acting on natural oils and fats. A detergent, on the other hand, is also a cleansing agent BUT a synthetic one that is chemically different from soap. Handmade soaps are true soaps, the soap bars you buy commercially, are usually detergents. Do you even know what is in the commercial bar you’ve been using??? Probably petroleum products, alcohols, preservatives, and a lot of other things that you cannot pronounce! Is the soap you use even called soap, or is it a “beauty bar”, “cleansing bar”, or “deodorising bar”? Besides containing harsh ingredients, the naturally occuring glycerine is usually stripped from the finished produc and used to make moisturising lotions and other products. Some commercial soap manufacturers even put part of it back in and call it “glycerine enriched”.If they did not remove it in the first place, they would not have had to put it back in……?????

Our handmade soap contains all the beneficial glycerine, which results in a soap that is truely delightful to bathe with. We also use natural ingredients that you would actually want to use on your skin….. ingredients that you can pronounce!!!

Our soaps are created with the focus on quality 100% natural ingredients and the beneficial properties of the ingredients. We choose to use ingredients that are more expensive than what commercial soap manufacturers us – not so that we can charge more – but because we are interested in making soap that not only cleans your skin but is also good to your skin and the enviroment.